Company Profile

Company Name: Dentas Co., Ltd.
President: Kyosuke Kono, CDT
Established: June 11, 1996
Head Office: 48 Toiya‐machi, Tokushima‐city, Tokushima Japan 770‐8056
Tel: +81‐88‐657‐3115
Fax: +81‐88‐657‐3121
Capital: JP¥30,000,000
Employees: Approx. 50 as of April, 2013
The Description
of the Business:

‐Dental Indirect Model Base(Dentas Model Cup) Research & Development and Sales &Marketing worldwide.
‐Manage the Dental Technical Lab using CAD/CAM in Tokushima, Japan.
‐Dentas has the Chain Dental Laboratories in Japan, which number is now more than 40 Labs throughout Japan so called “Dentas Club” through capital joining and/or consultation of Dental Technical Lab Management and will increase up to 100 Labs.